PM Assessment Tools

The mission of Pro Mind Assessment Tools is to provide our clients with tools designed for the development of organizational structures and the assessment of behavioral skills in a professional context. Moreover, all these tools must have gone through a thorough validation process on the jobs market.

First of all, our job description and evaluation tools allow for the creation of a reference profile. This profile consists in a list of skills that should ideally be displayed by an individual or a team in order to meet their job requirements.

Once the reference profile has been set, an analysis may be conducted in order to assess the gap between the skills actually displayed by a specific individual or team, and their job requirements.

Finally, the nature and extent of the observed gaps will support your decision-making process whether you are selecting an individual or a team. Also, it will allow identifying the type of Training/Coaching and/or Management Development process that is best suited in order to bridge these gaps.

Similarly, social audits can be performed in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company as a whole. In this case, the gap analysis leads to Organizational Development actions.


Our tools designed for the description of organizational structures include:

  • Pro Job Eval (Job description&evaluation)
  • Pro Comp (Assessment of competencies)
  • ATMOS (Human Capital Survey)

All our assessment tools are presented and offered online on, our online assessment partner since 2009.