HR Tools & Techniques

Psychology of work How to concretely approach phenomena linked to human behavior in an organization? 2 days
Environmental analysis Prepare change by exploring legal, technological, social and economic trends in a structured way. 1 day
The development of an HR strategy, or how to become a “business partner” Starting from a feasibility study, build up a business unit in accordance to the global corporate strategy. 2 days
Setting-up of an HR process Starting from the catalogue of activity modules/families of the company, sort activities according to a logical structure. 2 days
Setting-up of an HR marketing concept Learn how to send a strong message while maintaining an attractive and coherent corporate image. 2 days
Setting-up of a Management Development – MD concept The battle horse of any HR development policy in the company. 1 day
Implementation of a “Management Development – MD” concept Aims to develop the skills and mobility of managers. 1 day
Setting-up of a training concept Learn how to position a training concept within the reality of the company and to show its importance at both the individual and organizational levels. 2 days
Implementation of a training concept Learn how to structure the operational part of the global training process. 1 day
Setting-up of a pay policy How to conciliate financial balance, external coherence and internal equity. 2 days
Implementation of a pay policy Plan and organize the pay policy implementation project by using your knowledge of the company. 2 days
Recruitment processes Learn how to master the global vision and define the main phases of a recruitment process within the company. 3 days
Setting-up of a social plan structure The respect of human values and of work ethics by top managers are the essential pillars that will allow for the setting-up of a social plan that will ease the trauma caused by the suppression of jobs. 2 days