Management & Leadership

Course Goal
Free your charisma thanks to a pragmatic approach based on your personal skills, your project and your environment. 1 day
Develop your ability to make decisions in an autonomous way that is coherent with your environment. 1 day
Set up a strict control system while valorizing the autonomy of your environment. 1 day
Learn how to attribute a maximum of activities and projects to your partners/collaborators while keeping a global vision of your process. 1 day
Become aware of the conditions to and dynamic nature of an efficient planning. 1 day
Free your communication; make it efficient, so as to mobilize the human and material flows. 1 day
Live and have other people experience your pleasure at work. Mobilize yourself and others towards clear and realistic professional goals. 1 day
Acquire concrete tools for the management of the workplace while taking the organizational model within which you evolve into account. 1 day
Management by Coaching (MPC™) Acquire an overall vision of your project while developing your competencies and those of your team, by becoming a pilot and a coach. 3 days
The assessment and management of competencies Assess the nature of the competencies available, analyze the gap as compared to the company’s needs and set up a development plan. 1 day
Conflict resolution
Identify the nature of the different types of conflicts in order to manage them with win-win approach. 2 days
Health&Management/ Work medicine Apply the rules of work medicine. Build-up a corporate health concept. 1 day
Building-up of a project team
Master the different axes of team-building in the context of project management, while taking both the technical and human dimensions into account. 1 day
Project management as a working method Integrate the goals and understand the role of the participants, the organization forms, the different steps, obstacles and brakes to project management. 1 day
Problem-solving techniques Understand and master problem-solving techniques. 1 day
Human factor integration Understand and integrate human behaviors into corporate management. 1 day
Setting-up of a “Management by Objective (MBO)” concept Aims to equip managers with the ability to exercise their responsibilities in a logic of delegation and of managed responsibility. 1 day
Implementation of a “Management by Objective (MBO)” concept Position technical and human actions at the levels of the organization, the planning and the coordination. 1 day

Building-up of a business plan
Aims to train managers at materializing their corporate strategy, at conducting change and at playing a major part in it. 2 days
The management of difficult interviews How to manage difficult interviews in the context of dismissals, early retirements and blames, by separating the objective from the emotional? 2 days
Interview techniques Train the different interview techniques that apply to such situations as recruitment, assessment and development processes, promotions and mutations. 2 days