Training & Coaching

Strenghten Your Leadership by Developing Your Core Team and Project Management Skills

Our course offer has been developed based on a large number of years of experience with small and large companies, in Switzerland and abroad. The aim of our training programs is to lead participants to develop their skills while working on a concrete project.
The following courses are either taught at our office in Lausanne at predetermined dates and open to all, or tailor-made in order to meet the identified needs of a company and taught on the workplace.
List of courses by category:
Furthermore, the Leadership&Coaching training cycle allows you to go through an extensive program of management courses over an 18-month period. It is designed for managers who are in direct contact with a team or in charge of a project.
The MPC™ Training Cycle is based on a systemic management approach that has been developed and is exclusively taught by Pro Mind Consulting S.A. It is intended for all managers and aims at the development of their efficiency and well-being.
The PM Assessment Services course offer provides you with all the knowledge and tools you need in order to set your own Assessment and Development Centers.
You can apply now to our open sessions (calendar of courses) and/or ask for further information by using our contact form.