Management of Processes by Coaching (MPC™)

Bringing Back the Human to the Center of the Organization

Management of Processes by Coaching (MPC™) is a systemic management system that provides all managers with the tools they need in order to gain a global vision of their role, project, partners and customers. Similarly, it allows them taking enough distance to events, so they may develop and adapt their competencies to new challenges, share their vision with their team and motivate them.

The aim of MPC™ is to learn how to lead projects in the most relevant and efficient way possible, while developing well-being in the workplace, an element which itself depends on a healthy lifestyle. The Management of Processes by Coaching (MPC™) methodology thus represents a highly effective tool that contributes to the development of leadership in situations of organizational change. This is achieved by allowing managers to act simultaneously as project leaders and coaches.

We offer you two approaches in order to integrate MPC™ into your workplace:

The full MPC™ methodology is also presented in the book "Management of Processes by Coaching (MPC): The Search for New Managerial Bearings in a Globalized Economy" which allows readers to monitor their own development thanks to self-coaching sheets.