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Our company evolves and acquires experience through everyday work and the constant challenges it implies. We regularly share the various concepts that result from our experience in various publications.

MPC™ Book

Management by Coaching (MPC™) is a management system that provides all managers with the tools they need in order to gain a global vision of their role, project, partners and customers. The book "Management by Coaching" presents the full MPC™ methodology that should allow you to pass from a pyramidal organization to an organization in processes. It also allows readers to follow up their own development thanks to auto-coaching sheets.

Management by Coaching, Managers in Search of Their Bearings, Mrs. Liliane Held-Khawam, Pro Mind Editions, 2002.

The Efficient Management of Human Resources

This work details the business process of Human Resources management. It presents every activity of this process by decomposing it into three parts (theory, application, Swiss Law). It is designed for both HR professionals and managers of the line and aims to provide anyone in charge of a team with the basics of Human Resources management and the related tools.

We stay at your disposal for any further information (contact form) on this book or the associated courses.

The Efficient Management of Human Resources, From the Development of Human Potential to the Organization of the Company, Weka Editions, Vol. 1&2, 900 pp., constantly updated.


The following articles were integrally redacted by members of the Pro Mind team:

  • We need to Rehumanize Our Economy, Le Temps, 15.10.2010
  • Achieving Economic Success Through Human Skills Development, Le Temps, 26.07.10
  • The Professional Management of Absenteeism, Persorama, n°3/2005
  • Managing in French-Speaking Switzerland: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, IBCOM, April 2004
  • The Role of Managers Who Apply the Management By Coaching (MPC) Methodology, Revue économique et sociale, December 2004
  • The Management of the Personnel as a Strategic Tool, Le Temps, mars 2002
  • HR Training Programs and the Dynamics of Individuals Within the Company, Persorama, n°1/2001
  • HR News, Weka actualité, November 2001
  • Management and Health, Employeur Suisse, 21.10.99
  • Individual Coaching in the Context of the Company, Employeur Suisse, 01.10.98
  • Outsourcing: Risks and Opportunities, Employeur Suisse, 17.04.97
  • Towards a Differentiated Management, Employeur Suisse, 06.06.96
  • Human Potential and Organizational Change, Employeur Suisse, 18.06.96
  • The Assessment of Potentials, Employeur Suisse, 26.10.95
  • Towards a Dynamic Selection of Potentials, Journal des Associations Patronales, 25.06.92
  • Less Stress, More Productivity, Journal des Associations Patronales, 17.01.91
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