Monitoring and control

Our expert management consultants will work with you to propose solutions and the right tool to monitor the smooth running of your organisation.

Monitoring and control

To monitor your organisation's competitiveness, you need to develop reliable indicators.

With monitoring, we help you mobilise methods and tools to collect, process and analyse your company's quantitative and qualitative data.

Enable you to monitor your organisation optimally with a tool tailored to your strategy and your needs

Help you easily identify the adaptations and changes you need to make using the data collected

"The development of people in the development of the organisation".

Our flexibility, our dynamism, the diversity and quality of our skills, the reliability of our tools and our language capabilities make us a company that is in demand by SMEs as well as major Swiss and European groups.

Management consulting

Our aim is to support organisations in assessing and developing their skills and human potential, in order to boost their competitiveness.


We support you in candidate selection, team building and development, career management and mobility, organisational change, conflict resolution and non-therapeutic stress prevention.

Change management and reorganisation

We work with you to plan, organise and clarify your organisation's strategy and translate it into an operational model, structure and processes, while preserving the cohesion of your teams and the culture of your company.

Why choose us?

We offer you our advice and practical methods in project management to help you put together effective plans to ensure the long-term future of your organisation by focusing on people.

Assessments Promind Consulting's solutions are designed to help you manage your teams as effectively as possible by identifying your needs and the potential improvements to be made.

We can support you at every stage of the changing your organisation by giving you effective key methods which will have the invaluable advantage of leading to rapid and concrete results.

Our training courses in management, human resources and personal development, as well as the MPC method, will enable you to develop skills in these areas that will serve you and your organisation well.

Once the methods have been assimilated and the organisational change has been set in motion, we will put in place a system that is as effective as possible. monitoring and control to assess the effectiveness of the project and measure the progress made.