Promind consulting a business strategy and management consultancy firm, was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1989. Our mission is to support companies in assessing and developing their skills and human potential in order to boost their competitiveness, based on a clear ethical framework, a fundamental value of our operations.

Genesis of
Promind consulting

1989 - founding of Pro Mind Consulting S.A.

1992 - start of empirical research

1996 - first modelling of individual coaching

1997 - foundations of differentiated management

1998 - development of the MPC methodology

2002 - publication of the MPC book

2004 - approach to scientific validation of the MPC method

2009 - additional validation as part of a PhD

2010-12 - 4 HEC master's theses in Lausanne

2019 - 1 thesis at Laval University (Ca)

2021 - 1 master's degree at UniGe

The aim of this methodology is simple: to provide organisations with a management system for developing the skills of their teams and adapting them to new requirements, based on delegation and individual empowerment.

MPC is therefore a tool for supporting organisational change that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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Our values


Drawing on our wealth of experience, we are committed to providing you with a quality service that meets your objectives, guaranteeing you a project that reflects your company's personality and produces fast, effective results.


Thanks to innovative HR and skills development tools, we have all the keys in hand to offer you services with a high potential for success and to provide you with an effective working method.


Our approach is totally transparent and we want to fully respect your wishes, projects and objectives by adapting our services to your needs in order to meet your organisation's expectations.


We are committed to providing you with personalised support throughout the project, as well as over the long term, to give you all the keys you need for implementation within your organisation.


Every day, our people strive to perfect their skills so that they can support you in the best possible way and offer you high-quality expertise to support your organisation.

Our methodology

Initially, we are conducting an inventory through organisational assessments, skills assessments and audits, so that you have the information you need to build a project that's right for you.

We can then get started structuring the project by putting in place a well-defined action plan, including all stakeholders inside and outside the organisation, to ensure rapid action and immediate results.

After structuring, we move on to implementation of the action plan using various methods and tools, always bearing in mind the integration of the human factor at every stage.

Finally, to ensure the long-term success of the method we have put in place, we like to establish a measure of results over timeto assess the effectiveness of the measures implemented and their impact on your organisation.