Management by Coaching (MPC™)

Management by Coaching (MPC™) was designed with the aim of putting people back at the centre of the business to ensure effective skills development and drive optimal organisational change.

It was born in 1993, has been enriched by contact with our customers and was materialised in a book published in 2002. And so, for almost 30 years, the method has continued to improve, serving as a guiding principle in supporting companies through change.

Our philosophy

Discreet excellence.

All our activities are based on DCH methodology described in Management by coaching, MPC

This systemic approach enables :

MPC™ Training

The aim of this andragogy training is to optimise the use of human and material resources, ensure the success of any project and contribute to its sustainability, while reinforcing respect for the values and well-being of each individual.

MPC™ coaching

The complete MPC™ methodology is also described in the book "Le Management par le Coaching", which enables participants to monitor their own development using self-coaching sheets.

More than 1000 customers and 33 years old experience

Putting people first
at the heart of the company

Management by Coaching (MPC™) is a management system based on a systemic method that constantly integrates the human element. This global, holistic approach gives all users the means to acquire an overall vision of their role, their professional project, their partners and their customers. 

It provides a structure for the entire project process, enabling you to take a step back to develop and adapt your skills and those of your team to the new requirements, motivate and share your vision by relying on delegation and individual empowerment.

In this sense, it is a highly effective tool for supporting organisational change, teaching each player to be both a driver and a coach, and enabling us to work better together by stimulating collaboration and innovation.